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Welcome to the all new Trivia Section!

The movie was not filmed in 1978, contrary to IMDB and numerous other statements. It was verified through Elaine Wilkes that the film was all shot at one time, at least the parts she was involved in.

The cast and crew got along amazingly well, and remained friends well after shooting, but have lost touch over time. Sounds like it's time for an April Fool Reunion guys!!!

During the ending shots where Phoebe and Vivia are being chased and attacked by Jennifer, the actors never got to actually see Jennifer. They were reacting to the director telling them to run, and act frightened. A stand in stunt double was used to portray Jennifer during these scenes.

The film was shot in Toronto, Ontario. The leading actors were all from California. Local Canadian actors, and extras were also used through out the film.

Martin Hewitt, who played Blake in Killer Party, previously starred with Brooke Shields in Endless Love. He rose to heart throb status, and was given top billing in the film.

Elaine Wilkes was previously in the film Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald. She also was featured in the 1987 Madonna movie, "Who's That Girl?", both which starred Havilland Morris.

During the scene at the beginning of the actual movie where the girls are riding their bikes. Jennifer stops and gives a terrified stare at the "party house". In actuality, the party house isn't on this street at all. She was looking at the Beta Tau house. You can tell by the houses in the background of these scenes. The "party house" is a block away on a diffrent street. They managed to tie it together very well though.

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