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The fans are speaking! Killer Party just hit DVD directly from Warner Archives. The response seems to be very good! I'm taking this space here to share with you guys the reviews I am finding on youtube. I've personally enocountered another "SUPERFAN" via youtube! Vance has a diehard passion for the movie as much as I do! Here is his review!

Jaythestingray reviewed the movie also on youtube!

Fangoria's Killer Party DVD Release Review!
Itís everything about 80ís horror that weíve all come to love. Itís beautifully shot, back when everything was shot on film, and so damn cheesy with an innocent bit of T&A. From director William Fruet (FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES, GOOSEBUMPS), comes the 1986 horror classic KILLER PARTY. On April Foolís Day the girls of Sigma Alpha Pi have decided to throw their hell night party in an abandoned fraternity house. Unfortunately this particular house is home to the restless spirit of a young pledge beheaded in a hazing gone wrong involving a guillotine. Which is probably why most universities have banned hazing practices inspired by Franceís Reign of Terror. In a rather confusing sequence of events, the demon both kills, while dressed in an 18th century deep-sea diver suit, and possess young sorority pledge Jennifer to kill. KILLER PARTY is an April Fools prank from beginning to end. The film opens on a strange funeral with over the top melodramatic acting. As the film hits its peak, with areanimated corpse and a dramatic near cremation of the most melodramatic of actors, it smash cuts to a drive in. A Young girl wonders an empty concession standthen returns to her car only to be attacked by her date who is now a zombie, for some reason. The drive-in then becomes the most awesome of 80ís of rock videos with a totally killer performance by horror-hair-masters White Sister (FRIGHT NIGHT, HALLOWEEN 5). Thatís right a prank within a prank within music video. Fifteen minutes later our actual film begins, April Fools suckers. The film is pure camp, with all the silly moments of 80ís cinema that make the horror films of that period so great. Filled with goofy scenes such as sorority pledges swallowing goatís eyes while everyone else chants ďbahĒ, and one of the best ďdemonically possessed girl on a chandelierĒ scenes ever, itís impossible not to love this film. It even has an important appearance by that favorite staple of any 80ís film, the late Paul Bartel (EATING RAOUL, CHOPPING MALL). Part of Warner Brothers Archive Collection, KILLER PARTY is re-released on an extremely bare bones DVD. Unfortunately with no special features or commentary, true film geeks loose the opportunity to find out any of the back-story to this sleeper classic. Fortunately, just having the opportunity to watch a great 80ís horror film is satisfaction enough.
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