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Some exciting news coming from Slasher Studios! The boys over there, Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz, are working on their newest film "Don't Go To The Reunion". It looks and sounds VERY promising!If you are a fan of classic retro horror, Slasher Stuidos is right up your alley. They have started a new Kickstarter Campaign for the funding of "Don't Go To The Reunion". You can find more information on this here : Slasher Stuidos "Don't Go The Reunion" Kickstarter Campaign.
You can also visit the Slasher Stuidos Website by clicing

With Christmas and the holiday season quickly approaching, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the followers of this page and message board. Without the hardcore fans, this site would be non existent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday Season.

We just created a new petition for all of the fans to sign! Let's get this movie released on the Blu Ray format with special features, interviews, and the missing uncut footage! Let's give Warner Brothers a true reason to do this by showing them how much we love it! You will find the petition on the main page. It is very simple! Thanks a ton guys!
Billions And Trillions

How was everyone's April Fool's Day? Hope you guys had a KILLER PARTY!! hahah Got a couple of small updates ehre for you guys! We have some posters which are in the newly added "Posters" tab! Rarely seen, is the early unused artwork that was created for the film, and dropped at some point with reasons unknown! I want to extend a thank you to everyone who continues to support this site and visits! Without you, Killer Party would still be fading away!! We are also adding a review section for everyone to participate in!!! If you would like your personal review added, please contact me!! More updates coming soon!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! So new addition for today a video from Tom. I duplicated it into the Cucumber and the review section because it just oozes with such awesomeness! Thanks Tom!

Happy Holidays guys!!! I wanted to let everyone know that the Killer Party podcast conducted the guys at The Hysteria Continues is now available for download through the site. Click on the tab marked The Hysteria Continues in the menu bar. Right Click, Save, and Enjoy! Hope everyone is having a "Killer Month"! More additions coming VERY SOON! :=)

HAPPY TURKEY DAY KILLER PARTY FANS!!! I just uploaded the brand new interview with the film's composer John Beal! This is the man responsible for the killer score to the film! Head on over and check it out! Thanks John for taking the time to speak to me!

Been a very busy person lately working with this website! Tracked down Alicia Fleer, who has agreed to answer some questions regarding the film! YEAHHHHHH! Also, thanks to Jacob, who is with Theta Delta Chi Fraternity! He has hooked me up with interior photos from the "Beta Tau" house used in the film! I really appreciate you guys! Without you, this website would be somewhat lacking! Still no word back yet from Sherry Willis-Burch, or Martin Hewitt! Hopefully one day they will stumble across this!

I recently did an interview with Elaine Wilkes! I just can't thank her enough for the time she offered to talk about her memories on the film. Today I also managed to track down Sherry Willis-Burch! That's right! Vivia has now been located, and I'm working to get an interview set up with her. No response yet! Keep your fingers crossed guys! On that note, I also tracked down Martin Hewitt, who I emailed, haven't gotten a response yet. I know he's a busy guy and all! Hopefully he will find a bit of time to stroll through the Killer Party memories with us! :~)
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