Elaine Wilkes as Phoebe

Elaine Wilkes (born on August 7, 1965 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.

Actress (26 titles)
1988 Paramedics - Savannah
1988 21 Jump Street - Cynthia
1987-1988 Dallas - Mary Lou Lassiter - 6 Episodes
1987 Who's That Girl - Holly
1987 Blind Date - Muggette #2
1986 Designing Women (1 episode)
1986 The New Mike Hammer – Dead Pigeon
1986 A Fine Mess - Carhop
1986 Killer Party - Phoebe
1986 The Deliberate Stranger - Lisa Rutledge
1986 My Chauffeur - Colleen
1986 Misfits of Science - Jaye
1986 The Love Boat - Lori Ryan
1984 Riptide - Patricia (1 Episode)
1984 The Roommate - Barbara
1984 Windy City - Barziti Sister #2
1984 Sixteen Candles - Tracy

Where Is she Now?: Elaine is a self-proclaimed "learning addict" who ultimately discovered that the answers to most of life'squestions are found in nature's magic. (Just like Dorothy's ruby slippers, the solutions she sought were there the whole time-in plain sight right outside her door!) Her book, written for Hay House publishers titled Nature's Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight, will be in book stores on February 15, 2010 and is currently available for a pre-order discount online at Amazon.com. She weaves together herbalism and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, with Christian, Taoist, Native American, and shamanic wisdom, and combines them all with science and intuition to ingeniously unravel nature's secret messages. Elaine has a Ph.D. in naturopathy (alternative medicine)-graduated with honors, a master's degree in psychology and degrees in nutrition and communications. These all synergistically work together to help the body-mind-soul connection.Elaine is an accredited LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional. She is the founder of ComedyLeedSchool.com. There she has efffective, time-saving, and fun ways to study for the LEED Exam. She also teaches classes on studying for LEED green assoicate exam. Check her services page on this web site for the dates of her in person and tele-classes. She helps companies and individuals green both the planet and their wallets. Elaine's acting background (she has appeared in numerous television shows and movies and in more than 75 TV commercials) is uniquely merged with her vast research and imaginative insights into nature to create memorable, thought-provoking presentations. She shares innovative ways of looking at life and the environment by revealing nature's secrets. You'll view everything in a whole, new way with her groundbreaking information on nature's secrets and food. She also has simple, quick, healthy recipes to help people get out of their eating ruts. Her health presentation for school children received only tremendously positive feedback. Elaine is an advisory board member for iZOcleanze. She is also a K.R.I. certified instructor of meditation and Kundalini yoga. This was a one-year program taught by Gurumuk, who was voted by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the top 8 teachers in the world. Elaine has been a holistic health expert on E Entertainment TV, Kid's Talk TV, along with being interviewed for documentaries, and was quoted in publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Alternative Medicine, and Women's World magazines. - www.elainewilkes.com

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