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My name is Matt. I am from Texas. I have a LOVE of all things horror, and all things 80's! I have one cat, his name is Halo! This website came about from my dying love of the movie. I researched forever and there is really not much on it available. This is where I took it upon myself to discover information related to the films for the hardcore fans like myself! I'm an open 80's addict. I LOVE the 80's. Everything about it! Sometimes I feel like I still live there haha. I have opened some other sites in the past. One of them is The Kimberly Beck fansite, which was endorsed by Kimberly herself. This is just what I love doing. I'm very passionate about the things I love. Killer Party is one of those things. In my book, good movies never "expire", and it's time we get some more good horror films out there. I still watch modern horror, and it's not bad. But to me, it just doesn't feel like home! I made this site to see how many people actually love the movie, and it has been a huge success in my book. The fans are here, they are ready, and we want more like it. I hope if you are reading this, you cruise over to the message board and join! There are so many movies to discuss, we will never be board. Feel free to email me anytime. My email is TexarkanaGuido@gmail.com . Thanks for coming by the website, and please note that it will be updated regularly. Happy Holidays from Halo & I!


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